An independent initiative to promote and support Net.Art and Digital Art.



Periodically be organized several Open thematic Exhibitions of
and Digital Art.

Inside the | Open Call
a new project of
*concept & curatorship: Bernardo Villar

An Exhibition Online Gallery Project 
DEADLINE_ 30/11/2014




_1st Open thematic Exhibition

MON3Y as an 3RRR0R | MON3Y.US
Happening 2.0 & curated by Vasily Zaitsev
Online Vernissage September 23rd, 2013

*"This is very EXPENSIVE"
Curatorial Text
*all about



"Best Online Project 2014
@Transcultures | Belgium


"Best Non Institutional Curatorial Project 2013"
RAC 2013 Spanish Annual National Art Awards!!!! NOMINATED
@MNCARS Museo Reina Sofía

IAC Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo


____________________________________ in the Press

El Pais | Spain

Furtherfield | UK

The Creators Project VICE | INTEL | USA | USA

The Collector Tribune | Italy

Metropolis M | Holland

MoneyLab | Institute Networks Culture | Holland

Interview with VasilyZ | Institute Networks Culture

Prosthetic Knownledge | UK

O Fluxo | Portugal

Arshake | Italy

Wired | Italy | USA

Dwutygodnik | Polland

Kraut Magazine | Germany

Revista Select | Brasil

Nicola Mariani | Italy-Spain

Post_Media | France

L'Identità Aumentata | Italy

FAD | New York-London

Thunder | Spain



____________________________________ has been include in MONEYLAB
of Institute Networks Culture | Holland has been review in Curating Youtube
by Robert Sakrowski | Germany | Th3 F1lm 14'57''